13.9.2023 Joint Nordic Event: Nordic Circular Construction and New  Nordic Bauhaus

Joint Nordic event: Nordic Circular Construction and New  Nordic Bauhaus

What should the public authorities do to push forward circularity in construction?

How could we, as a society, speed up the transition to a climate-neutral society with circular living concepts?

If you want to share your thoughts on that, join our joint Nordic event in Helsinki and online on the 13th of September, 14-17 local (Helsinki) time (13-16 CET)


14:00 Opening

14:05 Part I: What should the public authorities do to push forward circularity in construction?


Sidse Zimmermann, Senior Advisor, Danish Authority of Social Services and Housing, Denmark

Policies Enabling the Reuse of Construction Products in the Nordics

Martha Katrine Sørensen, Business Manager, Danish Technological Institute, Denmark

The Danish project on material passports and a data dictionary for reused building materials

Group discussion on chosen topics:

  • Secondary materials quality (How could public authorities ensure the quality of secondary materials?)
  • Cost responsibility (If additional assessment/work is necessary to enable reuse, where does the cost burden sit?)
  • Data availability (How can public authorities ensure the availability of secondary materials?)
  • Preparing for the future (What data could be gathered and what infrastructure could be built to avoid issues we’re facing now in the future?)

Your ideas will be shared with the Nordic Council of Ministers and contribute to their future initiatives regarding sustainable construction.

15:30 Coffee break

15:45 Part II: New Nordic Bauhaus – How will we live in a Carbon Neutral world in 2050?

How do we want to live and build in the future when we do not strain the earth’s balance and resources? What is “the good Nordic life” in the CO2-neutral society of the future? With support from the New Nordic Bauhaus initiative, we focus on the lifestyle of the future and, together with the audience, will formulate how we can develop a joint focus on the climate-neutral society of the future and everyday life where we continue to thrive and feel good – preferably with approaches such as art and culture.

The society of the future must be climate neutral, and we must radically reduce our CO2 emissions. But how are we going to build and live, and how do we move forward when we basically know what the problem is, we have legislation, a framework and finances, but still the necessary change is going far too slowly. What can we do in the Nordics, what does the New Nordic Bauhaus look like, and what do we dream of in 2050?


Antti Lehto, Assistant Professor – Housing Design, Aalto University, Finland

Charlotte Nyholm, Architect and sustainable construction specialist, Vapaa Collective and Granlund, Finland

Gitte Grønfeld Wille, Director, Nordic Culture Point, Finland

Matti Kuittinen, Professor, Aalto University, Finland


Nikolaj Sveistrup, Founder and Director, URBAN AGENDA, Denmark

Keynote listener

Mads Wolff, Director, Sustainability 2030, Denmark


Nordic Culture Point

17:00 End of the event

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Time: 13-16 (CET)

Place: Arena 1+2; Siltasaari 10 aula, Siltasaarenkatu 8-10, Helsinki, Finland or online

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