The project was first initiated in 2020 in the year Finland was leading the Nordic Council of Ministers. The project aimed to further utilize circularity to enable sustainability in the real estate and construction sector: an especially important task for Finland and their carbon neutrality ambitions. The first kickoff meeting was held in early 2021, but unfortunately the project was slightly delayed due to the global pandemic. However, the project is now well on its way!

A Fully Pan-Nordic Collaboration

Work truly begun in the summer of 2021 with Work Package 1: Coordination and Communication leading the way. The project is set to work in stages as some work packages are reliant on the results of others. As Work Package 1 includes coordination and communication activities and can be seen as an administrative package in the project, it is the lengthiest when measured in time. Work Package 1 will continue from the initiation of the project all the way until the project is finally complete.

Work Package 2: Analysis of Barriers and Possibilities has begun in 2021. The aim of the work package is to create a cross-comparison of barriers and possibilities from the viewpoints of different stakeholders. The work package also aims to extend the analysis into different construction project types including building and infrastructure projects. The work package will be completed in the spring of 2023.

Work Package 4: Nordic construction culture begun in the spring of 2021. This work package aims to integrate the strengths of culture architecture and engineering for improving the implementation of circular economy into the construction sector it will develop a new narrative for a Nordic construction culture in relation to existing architectural policies and reflect on the Davos Declaration on baukultur into circular construction. This work package will be completed by the autumn of 2023.

Work Package 3: Metrics for Circularity was initiated during the summer of 2022. The work package aims to draft voluntary quantitative metrics for circularity based on existing and forthcoming data flows in the built environment it will rest reference Ian standards as well as the levels framework. Collateral impacts to biodiversity and ecosystem services will also be surveyed. This work package is set to be completed by the autumn of 2023.

In the spring of 2022 the project also initiated Work Package 5: Collaboration Platform. This work package aims to develop an online collaboration platform that will include a repository of best practices instructions on their implementation and also international collaboration and linkages. Collaboration platform will be completed by the end of 2023.

Work Package 6: National Fora led by the housing and construction authority of Iceland has begun in the beginning of 2023. This work package aims to establish relevant and effective means for enabling local participation into the Nordic network. It also aims to seek collaboration with existing networks and identify further funding potential in construction circularity matters.