News and Events

31.1.2023 Nordic Network for Circular Construction Presents: Launch of the State of the Art Analysis on Nordic Circularity, Online

The project aims to accelerate circular construction in the Nordic countries through collaboration, peer-to-peer learning and common metrics. To facilitate this the project has produced a state of the art analysis to pinpoint where we are in the different Nordic countries. How can we learn from one another? Which innovations can we steal from across the border?

At this event you will hear the key findings of the analysis and an expert commentary on how the findings can be implemented into practice. The audience will also have the possibility to ask questions and participate in the discussion. Register for this 31st of January, 2023 event here.

This event is organized as an official side event for the World Circular Economy Forum. The World Circular Economy Forum brings together over 4,000 business leaders, policymakers and experts from around the world to present the world’s best circular economy solutions. More information and other events are available on the WCEF website.

17.1.2023 Circular Build Forum, Copenhagen

In a time when the green transition and sustainability are on everyone’s lips, and where the construction industry is expected to offer future-proof solutions, there are potential competitive advantages to be gained for companies that work innovatively within a circular economy. The Nordic Network for Circular Construction has been invited to present their results at one of Denmark’s largest sustainability events. You may register for the event here.

Past events

12.10.2022 Construction Goes Circular, Lahti

The Construction Goes Circular conference is hosted by Finnish steel manufacturer Peikko. The event consisted of severla international speakers and case examples as well as room for audience participation and questions. It also facilitates networking between industry representatives, scientific community, policy makers, and other professionals. The event was enjoyed by over 160 people and was recorded for future viewing.

The Nordic Network for Circular Construction will presented and initial version of their State of the Art Analysis. The presentation was held by Sabine Barth of WSP Sweden. Sabine presented the research plan, discovered barriers and possibilities as well as recommendations for furthering circularity in the Nordics.

5.10.2022 Saint Gobain Presents: Circularity in Construction – Side event for the Finnbuild Exhibition, Helsinki

The seminar aimed at expediting circularity in the construction sector by sharing best practices form the Nordics as well as concrete examples of circular construction projects in Finland. The Nordic Network for Circular Construction will present their State of the Art Analysis. The analysis was presented by Miisa Tähkänen of Green Building Council Finland. The event attracted just over 30 attendees in person.

8.9.2022 Nordic Climate Forum for Construction, Online

The Nordic ministers decided in 2018 that harmonization of building regulation should be strengthened. This led to the first Nordic Climate forum for Construction in 2019, which became the starting point of an effort towards Nordic harmonization for low carbon emissions from construction. Join us for a discussion about the Nordic approach on reducing the building sector’s climate impact, and external factors that help to shape it.

This year’s Climate Forum 2022 took place in Oslo and was hosted by the Norwegian Direktoratet for Byggkvalitet and moderated by Maria Rydberg from the Swedish Life Cycle Center. The climate forum is a yearly event for discussions with policymakers and stakeholders from industry, academia, and the finance sector. The Nordic Network for Circular Construction was presented by Matti Kuittinen from the Finnish Ministry for the Environment.

A full recording of the event as well as a selection of the materials presented can be found here.

10.6.2022 Reimagining Nordic Living Environments – Side Event for the New European Bauhaus Festival, Brussels hybrid event

The Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland and the Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux explored what the New European Bauhaus could mean in the Nordics. Drawing upon the concept of “Baukultur”, a panel of experts considered how architecture and design contribute to a high quality and sustainable built environment.

The panel included Massimo Santanicchia from Iceland University of Arts, Malin Kock Hansen from Design and Architecture Norway, Efe Ogbeide from FEMMA Planning, Carmen Garcia Sanchez from the Royal Danish Academy, Juuso Kokkonen from Karelia University of Applied Sciences, Oscar Norelius from White Arkitekter and Päivi Tahkokallio from Tahkokallio Design+.

The event was enjoyed by thirty persons at Brussels and 50 people online. A recording of the event is available here and a recollection by the organizers here.

9.6.2022 Frontiers of Architecture – Side Event for the New European Bauhaus Festival, Brussels hybrid event

The event invited architects, urban designers, policymakers, influencers and gamechangers and interested citizens to discuss perspectives and conditions in the EU for driving the culture change that will nurture the needed shift towards sustainable and circular construction for a carbon-neutral welfare society.

The event included keynote presentations from Iines Karkulahti from VAPAA Collective, Sinus Lynge from EFFEKT, Maya Faerch from Laudes Foundation and Louise Kjellerup Roper from Volans. The event also included a participatory fishbowl discussion and a possibility to workshop topics related to sustainability in construction. The audience enjoyed performance arts pieces by Samuli Emery, Klaara Haapanen, Henriikka Himma and Kaisa Karvinen.

The event attracted over 60 people in person and a further 60 people online.

19.5.2022 Climate Leadership Coalition Construction Theme Group, Online

The theme group gathers regularly to discuss topical issues to do with climate, circular economy and construction. The theme groups includes members from CLC’s 59 companies as well as research institutes and cities around Finland. Miisa Tähkänen (FIGBC) presented the project and upcoming findings.

12.4.2022 The Effect of the Taxonomy on Circular Construction, Online

The event was arranged for construction sector specialists around the Turku region in cooperation with FIGBC and Turku Business Region. Miisa Tähkänen (FIGBC) presented the project and upcoming findings. The audience consisted of around 50 experts from Southwestern Finland.

10.3.2022 Nordic GBC Webinar #5: Circular Economy in the Real Estate and Construction Sector, Online

In this GBC Nordic webinar was based on the state of circular economy in real estate and construction sector in the Nordic countries and how international cooperation can speed up the shift in the industry. Best practices and examples on implementing the circular principles in practice were also shared and discussed. Lovisa Andersson (WSP) presented her findings from work package 2. The audience consisted of around hundred experts form all five Nordic countries.